The Center for Innovative Public Policies, Inc. is a not-for-profit corporation, established in 1999, located in Naples, Florida.  Navigate through this web site to find out more information about CIPP current and completed projects! 

Services provided by the Center for Innovative Public Policies include:

  • Consulting services designed to improve the management and operations of criminal justice agencies;
  • Working with agencies to effectively manage multi-generational workforce, and develop and implement leadership development and succession planning initiatives;
  • Educating public safety agencies, public schools, and communities to address the challenges of methamphetamine;
  • Research and practical recommendations designed to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of criminal justice organizations.

CIPP’s projects have included:

Criminal justice workforce initiatives:

  • Jail leadership and succession planning strategies (2009);
  • Recruitment, retention and leadership development for jails (2009);
  • Developing the workforce for community corrections (2006);
  • Effectively managing multi-generational workforces in correctional agencies (2004); and
  • Preparing the next generation of wardens (2004).

For more information about these projects, please contact:
Susan McCampbell, President
Center for Innovative Public Policies, Inc.



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